FAQ about Motorcycle Insurance

by shan on September 12, 2011

Are you on the market for a goo motorcycle insurance policy? If so, here are some of the most frequently asked about this type of insurance to ensure you get the best rates:

Q: Why should I get motorcycle insurance?

A: Statistics show that motorcyclists are much more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than drivers of cars or trucks. Furthermore, motorcyclists are also more likely to suffer fatalities or severe bodily harm as a result of these accidents. Motorcycle insurance can help offset any costs incurred as a result of harm caused from motorcycles.

Q: Is motorcycle insurance different from regular auto insurance?

A: Yes. For the most part, you will need to get specialized insurance for motorcycles. Since driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving an automobile, the insurance premiums will generally be higher than auto insurance. However, most auto insurance providers will be able to give you a deal on motorcycle insurance. If not, they can usually refer you to an agency or brokerage that does.

Q: What does motorcycle insurance typically cover?

A: Motorcycle insurance often covers bodily injury to both you and other drivers, and custom work as well as damage done to normal parts of the motorcycle in an accident. Some insurance policies may also offer coverage for theft, vandalism or fire damage. If you have a sidecar installed on your motorcycle, most plans can be modified to accommodate it as well.

Q: I have a custom-built motorcycle. Will it be covered by insurance companies?

A: Most insurance companies will cover custom-built motorcycles, as long as they can be certified street legal by a legitimate authority. Factory-made motorcycles with custom-built parts or work done can also be insured too. Premiums for the motorcycle may vary from standard motorcycles, however.

Q: Are there ways to get a good deal on motorcycle insurance?

A: Most insurers offer reduced rates if you can demonstrate that you are a good driver (no tickets/accidents.) You can also get a reduced rate on motorcycle insurance by bundling it with homeowner, rental or auto insurance (when offered as a package deal by an insurer.)

Q: How can I be certain that a policy is a good one?

A: Read over the policy that has been offered to you by the insurer. Ask a question if you’re confused about something, and make sure that the insurer knows exactly what it is you want for insurance. If you’re concerned, you can have a third-party such as a financial advisor look over the policy to explain it to you.

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